Learning About Emergency Care Services

4 Services Provided By Walk-In Clinics

A walk-in clinic can provide immediate medical care when you can't wait to see your ordinary doctor. People with critical or life-threatening injuries should go to the emergency room, but many urgent conditions do not require a trip to the ER. Here are four services that a walk-in medical clinic can provide.

1. Lab Tests

Lab tests are used for diagnostic purposes. Many illnesses can be detected by testing a patient's blood or urine. A medical laboratory and lab techs are required to process these biological samples. When you visit your primary care physician, it can take up to a week to get the results of your lab tests back. Walk-in clinics conduct rapid lab tests that can offer immediate results, which is a boon for anyone suffering from a painful or unpleasant condition. Lab tests can detect illnesses, infections, and even nutrient deficiencies.

2. Wound Care

A walk-in clinic can provide wound care for patients who need it. Most minor injuries can be treated at home, but deep cuts should be examined by a professional. You can receive stitches if you need them. You may also be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. Walk-in clinics can even treat sprains and fractured bones. They are equipped with x-ray machines for diagnostic purposes, and casts and splints can be applied as needed.

3. Vaccinations

Vaccinations can prevent illnesses. Keeping up-to-date on all recommended vaccines will help you stay healthy. A walk-in clinic can provide all the vaccinations you need. They can provide booster shots as needed. A walk-in clinic will help travelers get all the shots recommended for people traveling to foreign countries. A patient who was injured by an unclean object can get a tetanus shot as a precautionary measure, and a flu shot will help you stay well during flu season.

4. Prescription Refills

A walk-in clinic will also help you get prescription refills. Most medications need to be taken on a regular schedule. Missing a dose can have disastrous consequences. If you find yourself out of your medication and you're unable to see your regular doctor, a walk-in clinic can help. Simply bring a copy of your expired prescription, and a doctor will help you get the emergency refill that you need.

When you need prompt medical attention, don't hesitate to visit a walk-in clinic. Walk-in clinics are designed to help people who can't wait to see a doctor. Many clinics even offer a sliding-scale payment system for patients without insurance. Find a walk-in clinic near you to learn more about lab tests and other services offered.