Learning About Emergency Care Services

Why You Need An AED Package

People of all ages and from all walks of life sometimes experience heart-related issues, often with no warning whatsoever. In many of these instances, the person can be treated with CPR or other short-term treatments before receiving professional medical care and diagnosis.

In other cases, though, the heart may stop or become so weak that more serious care is needed. In these cases, it pays to have an automated external defibrillator or AED package. In addition to the defibrillator, which can restart the heart, these packages contain many other items that can be helpful in an emergency situation, making them a smart part of first aid kits, especially in cases where people have known heart issues. Regardless of who they're for or where they're used, these kits offer a number of advantages.

Save Lives

As you might imagine, the star of any AED package is always going to be the defibrillator itself. This makes sense because this device truly has the potential to save lives, especially when provided alongside correct, timely CPR.

AEDs are most effective when used within the first few minutes of a heart episode. They send a shock to the heart, which often causes it to begin beating again and can also correct abnormalities in heart rhythms.

Of course, after use, the person should still get to a doctor or hospital. But, the use of the AED often gives them the extra time they need to make it there and to get the proper treatment.

Get Feedback

Most modern AEDs are built to provide feedback and useful information to the person using them. For example, AEDs usually feature a screen that gives vital information on the rate of chest compressions and that provides other important data. This can help people to know if they need to adjust what they're doing and whether or not they are having an impact on the person they are trying to assist.

Benefit From Clear Instructions

In many cases, the person providing aid isn't a medical expert and doesn't know how to use the AED or how to help. Thankfully, many modern AEDs feature instructions through audio and visual prompts. These can be skipped if needed, but if someone is unclear what to do, they can follow the instructions and, even without training, save someone's life.

An AED is an incredible device that can do amazing things for people in their time of need. If you'd like to be able to provide this help to others, invest in a quality AED package. For more information, contact companies like Urban Rescue Solutions.