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Don't Ignore These Signs Of A Stroke

Even some of the most common illnesses and health conditions are easy to overlook. If you have never experienced these symptoms before, you may totally disregard them and move on with your day. Unfortunately, this could be a grave error. The stroke is one of those health conditions people frequently overlook, but you don't have to. These common symptoms indicate you may be having or have had a stroke.

You Have Vision Problems

Some vision problems indicate you may be suffering from a stroke. These include sudden blurriness, loss of sight in at least one eye, and even seeing two of the same thing. It is common for people to shrug off this symptom because they are tired or are aging, but you should never do this, because a stroke could be the real problem.

You Have Bad Headaches

If you don't normally get migraine headaches, you might be experiencing a stroke. If you suddenly find yourself with terrible headaches that leave you feeling terribly ill, you need to get medical attention.

Your Limbs Are Numb

While you may associate numb limbs with heart attack, the symptom is also indicative of a stroke. Numbness that lasts longer than a few minutes indicates you should seek medical attention. You may even feel something unusual happening with your legs, causing you to walk differently from the way you used to.

You Struggle to Think

Suddenly, you might feel as if you can never remember the word you need. You might lose your train of thought constantly, perhaps blaming aging or memory for the problem. In some cases, you might actually have had a stroke that leaves you with some cognitive deficits. Often, loved ones are the first to notice this sign, because they realize that your social and conversational skills are not as sharp as they typically are.

You Struggle to Speak

Some people suddenly begin to speak differently than they usually do. They may slur, and some might be confused about why their medications may be causing this new side effect. The truth is that the stroke may have changed the structure of your face, causing you to speak differently.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Take note of these symptoms to ensure you do not become a victim of a condition that could have been treated and manged much earlier. It could save your life. Take advantage of resources near you, like walk-in medical clinics.